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Cabbage Patch Kids vs. Cicciobello: 2 recognized and tender dolls from the market

A doll is a figure; usually of a baby, a girl or a woman made of wood, cardboard, cloth, plastic, etc; that serves as a toy and entertainment for children. On certain occasions, collections or series are also made for adults that can be made of wood, porcelain, celluloid or wax.

The Egyptians made them with smooth pieces of wood, the Japanese with folded paper, the ancient Americans with wool or cloth, the Germans with porcelain and the Eskimos with sealskin. Adults collect them and infants pamper them.

“Most early doll-like figures were magical or religious objects, not toys,” says The World Book Encyclopedia. Ancient Egyptians painted decorated clothing on small pieces of wood in the shape of a palette and then adorned them with strings of clay beads to represent hair. They then placed these “palette dolls” in the tombs of their dead, believing that they would serve them in the afterlife. In the West Indies, people who wanted to take revenge on someone would stick pins in voodoo dolls in the hope of causing harm to their enemies.

The dolls are toys for girls in which they can recreate some of the tasks of motherhood: changing their clothes, combing their hair, rocking them, putting them to bed, etc. For this purpose, all kinds of accessories related to the doll are sold: dresses and outfits for different times of the year, toiletries, cribs, strollers, etc. For girls, dolls are also ideal playmates.

Throughout the 20th century, the design of the dolls has become so sophisticated that models have been launched that perform the most diverse actions: talking, secreting mucus, acting as a belly or simply moving some part of their body. In all these cases, the toys are powered by disposable batteries. Some, like Barbie, have even gone so far as to have a boyfriend (Ken) who has a car, a roulotte and other objects that make him the ideal partner. In art, the Venezuelan painter Armando Reverón created mysterious and anthropomorphic dolls with which they performed theatrical scenes.

History of dolls


In all times and in all countries, we have tried to find ways to make children’s lives more fun. Archaeology has found dolls in Egyptian tomb excavations dating back to the 21st century BC. This suggests that they may be the oldest toys in history.

It seems that it was a custom among the ancients to bury children with their toys, or at least to engrave them on their graves, a custom that was preserved even in the early years of Christianity.

Both the Romans and the Greeks already had articulated dolls that girls could play with. Plutarch, Aristotle, Plato and Horace mention movable figures by means of threads or wires for the fun of childhood. And it is known that at the beginning of the Christian era there were dollhouses.

The dolls that girls used to play with were also known to the ancients and especially to the Romans. They used to make them out of ivory, boxwood, plaster and wax. When the young nubile girls got married, they would hang the dolls that had been used to entertain them in their early years on the altars of Venus.

Didactic instruments

The Pueblo Indians of the southwestern United States used kachina dolls, carved from cactus roots or pine, to teach their children about the deities of their tribe. During a special ceremony, a member of the community would dress and act as one of the gods. Afterwards, parents would give their children a doll in the shape of that god to play with so they could become familiar with the god.

The dolls and dummies “provide a way to channel hurt feelings, anger and other childhood emotions. These types of toys allow children to rehearse the roles they expect to play when they grow up. During the Children’s Day festival held in Japan every May, the figure of a young man dressed in the full armor of a traditional warrior is displayed. This doll is used as a model to encourage young people to become – according to the local culture – strong and respectable members of society.

Anyone who has ever witnessed children’s games knows that whether the dolls are made of cloth, paper, wood, plastic or any other material, they are more than just toys. They are the friends, playmates, and even confidants of childhood.

Recognized trademarks

The history of BASA and the unexpected return of its old collection dolls

In the 80’s, the Peruvian plastic company oriented its line to the production of toys, among which the Playgo lines, the beach sets and its remembered dolls (Barbies, Peloncitas, Chichobellos) stand out. An exhibition of these can be seen until December 31st in their local of Jr. Azángaro, 387, in downtown Lima.

Although the plastics company Basa (originally Bakelita y Anexos) was founded in 1949, oriented to the manufacture of household products, it would not be until the 1980s that they would revolutionize the Peruvian market with a catalog of products aimed at a different public: children.

For the little ones, Basa in those years was synonymous with toys: Mattel and other big firms of the world toy industry offered their licenses to produce their lines in Peru. This is how the Peruvian Barbies arrived, much more affordable than the few that were brought from imports, in a time when the Peruvian market was not so open.

“Among the first dolls that Basa started to make in the eighties were the remembered Peloncita and the Cicciobello (or Chichobelo). There were also the Bebes Repollitos, Los Bomboncitos, Patty la Patinadora, Dulcita and others,” says Janina Caballero, head of marketing for the company, which has undertaken a policy of relaunching some of the emblematic toys of those years.

According to Caballero, the last dolls manufactured by Basa were La Peloncita Deluxe (which came with her birth certificate) and Alicia, the walking doll, in the nineties. From then on, the company would enter a crisis due to the increase in plastic imports, which would mark its end. The company was resurrected later, already in the new millennium, ready to recover its position in the plastic and toy market, aware also of the nostalgia market that exists today.

They started a couple of years ago, with the reissue of their Rekreo line, which includes their “El Pescadito” beach sets and “Rascaplayas” buckets. This year they have launched the Loli doll, which is based on Alicia’s mechanism, that is, it is a doll that walks next to its owner.

These days you can also see in Mundo Basa, by Jr. Azángaro 387, Centro de Lima, an exhibition of his classic dolls. According to her marketing manager, the idea of the show, besides encouraging the nostalgia of the girls and boys of yesterday, who are fascinated and have their photos taken, is to make a test to see which doll from the past could return. He assures that the Peloncita and the Cicciobello have generated so much acceptance among the visiting public that they could return to the stores in the very near future.

In this case we are going to talk about 2 in particular:

The cabbage patch kids


The Cabbage Patch Kids (marketed in Spain as Muñecas Repollo and in Latin America as Muñecas Pimpollo) were dolls originally produced between 1983 and 1988 by Coleco. They were characterized by their large vinyl heads and soft bodies.

The attraction of the dolls was their individuality. No two dolls were exactly alike; each doll had a different eye color, face features, hair and complexion. They were designed and handcrafted by American artist Martha Nelson Thomas as an expression of love for toys and children. Martha had the idea that each doll should be seen as a member of a family for the children, that is why part of her sales strategy was to grant an adoption certificate; this certificate described the name of the doll, its tastes, its character and other peculiarities. The artist used to market her dolls at local fairs, she did not want to market them on a large scale because she thought they would lose their emotional and artistic value.

She met Xavier Roberts when she sold him dolls, however, as time went by, she learned that Xavier Roberts was marketing them at high costs so she decided not to sell him any more. He argued that if she didn’t provide him with the merchandise, he would start making them for large-scale marketing. What he did was practically clone them, the subtle differences being introduced with a computer for each print run. Each came with a unique birth and adoption certificate that had been signed by his pseudo-creator Xavier Roberts.

While Xavier Roberts became a millionaire at the expense of Nelson Thomas’ idea, she continued to make her dolls by hand. Regardless of money or success, Martha Nelson Thomas was legally advised to act in defense of intellectual rights. The process ended in a closed-door settlement in which Martha was given credit for the creation of the doll.

The Cabbage Patch Kids were the most requested dolls by the girls for some years. Parents in the United States would go around the stores trying to get one of these dolls and even fighting to get one. Years later, Coleco introduced variations on the original Cabbage Patch Kids and continued to market derivatives of the original line.

Although the passion for Cabbage Patch Kids has passed by, there are still a significant number of collectors of them.

The Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls have been commercialized again in Spain in 2006. In Mexico they were also re-launched between 2006 and 2008 by Hasbro but this time with their original name Cabbage Patch Kids, no longer Cabbage Patch Dolls.

The Cabbage Patch Kids were later parodied with the typically grotesque Garbage Pail Kids cards, sold in Spain under the name of “La Pandilla Basura” or Basuritas in Latin America. The parody led Roberts to sue Topps, the manufacturer of Garbage Pail Kids, for trademark infringement. The parties finally reached a settlement in which Topps agreed to redesign the letters so that they would not look so much like the Cabbage Patch Kids.

These dolls also had a special movie on Christmas 1984.

Cabbage Patch Dolls, 100% handmade

One of the main characteristics of these dolls, the original ones, is that there was none like them. Not only because they had different colored hair or skin or even clothes, it was because they were handmade.

They were a creation of Martha Nelson Thomas, who made each doll by hand in a small shop in Cleveland. Although their success came in the eighties, Martha had been making them since the early seventies. She made them and gave them “for adoption” to family and friends.

The price of her fame

These dolls caught the attention of Xavier Roberts, a gift store owner. Roberts insisted on obtaining Martha’s permission to market his dolls. She always said no, so Roberts gave up.

He began making his own version of the Cabbage Patch Dolls. They were very similar and only different because they had Xavier’s signature on the bottom. In a very short time, his dolls became incredibly famous. He sold millions of units and became rich. Meanwhile, Martha didn’t see a single penny for her creations.

The toy company Coleco was impressed by the product and decided to market them. She launched them in 1982 with tremendous success among the girls of that time. Their big heads and soft bodies were a big draw. This was something that the little girls of the house liked and was one of their favorite dolls.

Dolls generated by an algorithm

They were all different, different eye color, face features, hair or even complexion. These differences were managed by a computer, which introduced a series of different parameters for each print run. In this way, a great variety of models were obtained.

But time went by and with the arrival of more stylized dolls, with better clothes and accessories their reign ended. The Cabbage Patch Dolls were relegated to the depths of the closets, forgotten.

Their success didn’t stop there, a company called Topps launched a deck of cards parodying the dolls. Its name was Garbage Pail Kids. They had a grotesque look and bizarre poses, which caused them to be sued. They finally agreed to remodel the models of the letters so that they would not look so much like the originals.

The Coleco Company filed for bankruptcy in 1988 and the Hasbro Company was absorbed. This firm has the rights to these small dolls. Since 2006 they can be found in toy shops, at least in Spain.

Do you want to know what product to buy of cabbage patch dolls? We know that there is a strategy for this and it is that the Top sales are the best reference of it. Having a list in mind is a great starting point, and that’s why the software makes that calculation and we show it to you in this page.

Would you like to know which cabbage patch toys are most famous? With the bestseller list you will see them for now. Based on this list is the most consistent and therefore lose quite a few hours to locate the appropriate one. Most people tend to decide on the trend.

The toys that you will see in the table about the cabbage patch dolls’ toys, are well detailed, the main image of the article and its system of attached valuations, with what you will find very easy and fast the perfect election.

In the next section you have the toys for you to buy.

**Cabbage Patch Kids 14 “Kids – blonde hair / blue-eyed girl (fashion)

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 “Kids – Black / Blue Eye Girl (trend)
Naughty Fresh Toys (national)

**Flower doll clothes Cabbage Patch doll field superstore

The line style dress is a pink flower print for Cabbage Patch dolls in the size range of 16 inches.
The front blouse is decorated with white embroidery.
Our sets are our own designs and handmade.
Superstore Doll Clothing

**Cabbage Patch – Doll adoptimal children (35.6 cm) Color Black and Brown

Take the oath of adoption with the famous 14-inch cabbage patch. Cabbage Patch Kids Each comes with Babyland General Hospital adoption papers and has a unique name and birthday like you.
More than that, each child has a great enhanced modern style, including upgrade mode.
promise to love and care for your child and take the adoption oath and join the Cabbage Patch Kids family today.
Each doll is unique and has its own adoption papers.
Each doll comes with a key that will open and interact with KPC adoptimal (sold separately).
Cabbage Patch

**Cabbage Patch Kids 14 girl, blue checkered dress with Cabbage Key Kid

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Girl, Caucasian blue checkered dress with
Cabbage Patch Kids

**Cabbage Patch Kids wool doll eyes retro style vintage hair blonde / blue original 16″ Amazon exclusive easy open package

Animal egg growth system includes 3 different eggs that hatch and grow 3 different animals if placed in water
This vintage retro wire doll h blonde, blue eyes, a soft plastic head body style and the aroma of baby powder, in particular reminds the original look of the cabbage field child!
Now, young and old children can enjoy again the style of the original vintage KID cabbage patch dolls!
Some Retro Style
The Cabbage Patch Kids Doll is ideal for cabbage lovers, young and old alike. 3+ years old
It comes with a detachable dress, shoes and accessories. It also comes in a unique easy open frame size!
Naughty Fresh Toys

**Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Baby So Real Blonde by Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Baby So Real Blonde
14 «
Naughty Fresh Games, LLC

**Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Kids – Blonde Hair / Brown Eye Girl (Rocker)

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Kids – Blond / Brown Eye Girl (Rocker) by Cabbage Patch Kids
Naughty Fresh Toys (national)

The Cicciobello


Cicciobello is a doll originally produced by Sebino, who later passed to Giochi Preziosi.


Cicciobello reproduces a newborn baby a few months old in full size, allowing children to learn through play to become familiar with the role of a parent.

Cicciobello is a doll with blond hair, blue eyes and two red cheeks. She wears a blue jumpsuit. She always has a pacifier in her mouth, if you take it away, she cries. There are many types of Chubby.


Created in 1962 by Gervasio Chiari (founder of the Sebino doll factory), Cicciobello soon established itself as a symbol of entire generations of children, so much so that it was later proposed in numerous variations.

It was designed by Silvestro Bellini (1929 – 2016) from Adrara San Martino (BG) who was inspired by the face of a newborn baby from Bergamo. The success of the first life-size doll was such that the company had up to 550 employees at its peak. Production in Sebino ended in 1984, when the brand and moulds were transferred to Migliorati Giocattoli di Pavone Mella and then to Giochi Preziosi di Cogliate in Brianza.

The doll still enjoys fame and diffusion.

The 7 best Cicciobello

Shopping tips, ratings and reviews

Are you looking for the best Chubby to give your little girl? There are many different solutions in the market, you just have to choose taking into account the age of those who should receive it and the most common conditions to live. The beauty of this puppet is that it can reproduce in a simple and plausible way, the real life situations of the little ones. So they can adapt and identify with the scenes they play with. You can also choose the right puppet taking into account the final sale price. There are models that are more or less accessories and imply a variable cost according to the offers of the moment. In this article we want to propose you the most interesting solutions, like the first two that guide our ranking. Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Bua is at the top of many girls’ wish lists and the reason is that it can reproduce many real life situations. Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Mille Baci , hugs, cuddles and lots of affection seasoned with simple gestures like offering a bottle.

Comparative table

( 1Cicciobello Giochi Preziosi 1643 Doll with Accessories )


Cicciobello has The Typical “Diaper Reaction
SU sederino IS All Red strofin SU wipe
you can also bagnare it with the hot water
Cicciobello has made a surprise… will it be poo or poop?
28,46 EUR

Cicciobello CCB34 – Toys, Multicolor

Cicciobello Doll, Chagrin
55,98 EUR

Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Olaf, Disney Frozen 2 English video Game

Cicciobello joins the enchanted world of Frozen
Cicciobello dressed as Olaf, the funny character from Frozen
Shiny dress.
Cicciobello cries if he takes off his pacifier.
49,90 EUR

Ciccio Bello 70160011 Spotty wrist 30 cm function wrist

Wrist function
36,97 EUR

Cicciobello CCB10 Doll – Dolls (Multicolor, Male, Female, 3 year(s), 300 mm, Display Box)

Cicciobello has a tooth that moves and is ready to fall out.
Many accessories to take care of your Cicciobello’s teeth for maximum playability
To play dentist and take care of your little child.
43,36 EUR

Cicciobello – Doll (Giochi Preziosi CCB01010)

Ready for a day at the beach Gets brown
When you expose it to the sun it really tans. You can dip it in water and dry it without any problem.
30 cm high
29,99 EUR

LIBERAONLINE Cicciobello Mille Baci Games Toy Gift Idea # AG17

64,50 EUR

Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Bebè Bellissimo, Primo Bagnetto, the doll for sweet baths

From the world of Cicciobello, the first soft swimming partner designed especially for the little ones.
Soft body with quick-drying “beans”.
Pleasant talc scent.
Machine washable at 30°C.
The ideal wrist for cuddling and stimulating baby in the first months of life. From 0 months.
26,77 EUR

Giochi Preziosi CCB05 Doll – Dolls (Multicolor, Female, Boy/girl, 3 year(s), Cicciobello, Italy)

In his winter suit, Cicciobello is ready to play in the snow. Cover up your hands to see Cicciobello take on the snow. Hard and articulate body
Sound activation
Minimum age: 3 years old
99,99 EUR

The 4 best Cicciobello – Ranking 2020

The following list is composed of the best Cicciobello of the year 2020, they are the most interesting models of the moment and also the most desired by the girls of today. It is essential to consult it to know which Cicciobello to buy to give a pleasant surprise.

1. Fatty Bua beautiful sets, Doll with accessories

Do you want to know how to choose a good Cicciobello? Ask the person directly concerned and they can direct you to your favorite model. But if the baby is still small and does not suffer the effect of overexposure to marketing campaigns, then this could be a gift that is appreciated on many levels of play.

It is recommended for girls from the age of two, and it lends itself well to be used by older girls because it has a great amount of accessories that make it perfect for creating fun and varied environments.

It has many accessories, such as the thermometer that is attached directly to the eardrum as a true digital infrared thermometer. Here it detects the temperature with sounds and lights that make the game more dynamic. There are three bottles to give to the child to help him heal each time with a different remedy. The syringe is also very useful because it allows children to internalize the concept that healing is a consequence of the correct cure. So medicines and lots of pampering are the perfect recipe for creating new games.


Many accessories included : The game settings are numerous and you can easily recreate life situations. For example, high fever, the need to go to the doctor to be examined with the stethoscope, the administration of medicines and so on.

Daily adjustment : These are objects that the child is used to seeing often when he needs to be cared for because of a boring influence. This way the child becomes familiar with situations that may be upsetting.

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With the inevitable dummy : The model is faithful to tradition with the classic accessory to soothe baby’s crying.


Cables are not the strongest: The essential functions of the wrist are activated by a simple electrical circuit, but some wires may not be properly soldered.

2. Beautiful games Chubby Thousand Kisses, Talking Doll

Among the unmissable offers is also the Mille Baci model, a perfect solution to recreate the serene and joyful scenarios of the beautiful days spent together as a family. The wrist sensor recognizes the cheek and kisses here, continuing to do so as long as it is close to the baby’s face.

It has a good amount of useful accessories to recreate the daily scenarios. So you can count on the perfect pacifier and bottle to soothe your doll when she’s hungry or needs a cuddle.

Very nice the thematic clown, then with prints that remind of kisses and the affectionate exchange of tenderness.

It needs three miniature triple-A batteries, so it’s important to remember to buy them separately if you don’t want to risk disappointing your child who receives them as a gift. Otherwise, basic functions such as crying and kissing will not be activated.


Kissing sensor : When the doll gets close to the baby’s face, it starts kissing a lot. A lot of attention and care is required to create many scenarios for daily play.

Basic accessories for many games : The inevitable pacifier and bottle are included to recreate the most common game with this doll. While the recorded phrases allow to invent different solutions and scenarios tender and stimulating.

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Switches to standby mode to reduce battery consumption : A side lever activates the sensor and microphone, but if not used it will turn off after a few minutes. The batteries last longer and there is no risk of the wrist being activated in the middle of the night.


Batteries needed (not included) : Batteries must be inserted to work, remember to buy them at the same time as the puppet to get the most out of it.

3. Beautiful games Cicciobello Primo Dentino

Compared to other more complex models, this is probably the one that offers the least possibility of interaction. So there are few accessories and predefined functions, on the other hand it offers the child the possibility to freely create environments and games that he or she considers more appropriate to his or her desire.

In fact, the package includes only the tweezers to make the tooth disappear and the teething ring that makes it reappear. It is a simple mechanism activated by a magnet that pulls the tooth after sliding it under the gingiva with tweezers.

So the tooth itself doesn’t fall out or can’t be picked up like older children from the age of six. The advantage is that you don’t run the risk of losing such a small piece that is essential for the type of set adjustment.

The slightly more modern and elegant dress is a nice variant of the more frequent clown.


It stages the typical situation of teething: It can be used to explain why teeth fall out and what happens when they grow, so it can be proposed at different ages and with different approaches.

It has a more modern outfit : Unlike the usual old-fashioned clown, this model wears a nice pair of jeans and a very convincing striped T-shirt.

No need for batteries : The tooth falls out and bounces back thanks to the action of tweezers and a teething ring that works with a magnet that repels or attracts the tooth into the mouth.


Pretty basic : It costs little but offers only basic solutions, nothing like the ultra-equipped models that older girls like so much.

4. Beautiful games CCB13000 Fatty Unicorn

Among the models sold online there is also this little cosplayer dressed as a unicorn that makes the most tender and romantic girls happy. It performs the basic function of all Cicciobello, that is, it cries when it doesn’t have a pacifier. It closes its eyes if it is put in a horizontal position, so it falls asleep when put in bed, as you would expect from this type of doll.

It has no other special features or accessories other than the costume that recreates the fairytale scenario that is so successful among girls today. The monkey has a hood with a horn that covers the ever present blond locks of Cicciobello’s hair. The monkey is whole and decorated with thematic prints to further highlight the leitmotif chosen for the puppet.


One of the cheapest : There are models of the doll that can really cost a lot, in this case the price is very low and it is a good solution for those who love the genre but do not feel the need to surround themselves with too many accessories and functions.

With a clearly identifiable theme : The theme of unicorns has been in vogue among girls and teenagers in recent years, it is impossible not to reach the marketing department of Cicciobello, which has always been concerned with capturing the fashions of the moment.

She cries and closes her eyes : When she picks up her pacifier, the doll starts crying. And she always does unless the batteries are removed. If you put the pacifier in a horizontal position, close your eyes to sleep.


Very basic : The functions are reduced to the bone and also the impossibility to deactivate the crying without removing the batteries leaves something to be desired.

Factors to consider when buying a Cicciobello

To choose one of the best Cicciobello of 2020, which allows your children to assume the role of a parent and have fun for hours, you should consider some features. Although the quality and cheap price are important factors at the time of purchase, you should also consider other important aspects. So choose the one that best suits your expectations and needs.


There are several models of Cicciobello, which offer different situations to play. For example, you’ll find models where the baby is sick and you’ll have to take care of him or her to heal. Others represent important moments of the child, such as when he learns to walk, or moments of affection, which include kisses and caresses. Some stories are more complex than others and are therefore more suitable for older children.


You will find funny dolls that reproduce an exclamation of anger or laughter as a consequence of an incorrect or correct action, others speak to indicate what they need or simply to say hello. There are also Cicciobello that can walk or crawl. In this way, your children will be able to experience different stages in their parents’ lives, depending on the model they choose.


The accessories add a more realistic touch and, depending on the amount or type, the child’s interactions with the doll will increase, ensuring hours of fun. There are Cicciobello that have traditional accessories such as pacifier and bottle for basic care. There are also models that include a thermometer, syringe, stethoscope and other medical instruments. If your budget is not too large, you can choose a Cicciobello without accessories and still give your little ones hours of fun using their imagination.


There are dolls designed so that you can change their clothes as if you were dressing a real child. Some don’t make noise when walking because they have a soft layer under their feet. You will also find dolls that close their eyes when they lie down to pretend they are sleeping.

Caring and loving like mom and dad

After examining the main features, opinions and reviews of the best is Cicciobello in 2020, you just have to choose the one that your children like the most. You can guarantee them many hours of fun while they learn to play the role of a parent and take care of a child. In this way, they will develop their maternal or paternal side, as well as the sense of responsibility and sensitivity from an early age.